Bucket List

If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I will be adding to this as I go! 

1. Visit all 7 continents (As of Sept 2013, only one more to go!)

2. Actually donate blood

3. Learn how to whistle

4. Learn a language

5. Attend an awards show (Oscars, Emmys, I’m not picky!)

6. Publish something
6b. Publish something in physical print! (The Kit & The Ubyssey so far)

7. Graduate from UBC! (Finished in Dec ’14, walking the stage in May ’15!)

8. Get a post-graduate degree in…something!

9. Visit every place in Landmarks of the World

10. Go to every Disney theme park! (Orlando, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong)

11. Read every book on one of those 100 books to read before you die lists (here is the list; so far I’m at 25/100 completely read!)

12. Go on a safari (Kruger National Park baby!)

13. Accomplish some sort of physically athletic feat

14. Climb a mountain! (I climbed one in Korea. I couldn’t say what it was called but it happened. There are pictures!)

15. Go to a festival (Coachella, Glastonbury, Love Parade, etc.)

16. Learn how to cook (no, making pasta in my kettle doesn’t count)

17. Leave a legacy

18. Get my full license! (And then proceed to never drive or own my own car…)

19. See the Northern Lights

20. Go to Vegas!

21. See a Broadway show on Broadway (Hedwig and then The Book of Mormon in Sept ’15!)

22. Have a random celebrity run in (Queen Latifah contemplated ordering pizza from me and I said a few words to Shia LaBeouf while I stalked him at UBC)

23. Go skiing (cross-country counts!)

24. Fly in a hot-air balloon

25. Experience a sunrise and/or sunset with someone I love

26. Go on a roadtrip

27. Swim with dolphins (read the story here)

28. Knit something (I made an infinity scarf. It’s not pretty, but it’s wearable and I made it.)

29. Live in a different country for at least 6 months (so close with my 5 months in the Netherlands!)

30. Appear on a TV show  (My split second appearance as an extra in Being Erica and audience member of So You Think You Can Dance Canada are iconic screen moments. Where’s my IMDB page already?)
30b. Appear in a movie!

31. Try out vegetarianism for a considerable length of time (a month?)

32. Visit the disappearing wonders: Machu Pichu, The Great Barrier Reef, etc.

33. See the Royal Family in England (read that story here)

34. Go on a gorilla encounter

35. Have a really short haircut

36. Be completely stunned and amazed (I plan to repeatedly cross this one every time I travel)

37. Volunteer in every continent (I’m going to excuse Antarctica from this one…)

38. Keep in touch with my friends and family, no matter where I end up

39. Have a rescue pet!

40. Ride an elephant

41. Ride in a helicopter

42. Read the entire bible (New Testament, Old Testament – I’m coming for you!)

43. Go to an Olympic event

44. Write a book

45. Get paid to travel

46. Spend NYE in NYC!

47. Climb the CN Tower (It wasn’t pretty, but I made it!)

48. Eat at one of the best restaurants in the world (Bring on the Michelin stars!)

49. Go to the finals of a sporting event

50. Stay the night in a castle

51. Sponsor, foster and/or adopt a child

52. Pack a bag, go to the airport, and get on a random flight!

53. Learn how to take really good photos

54. Continue the tradition of the travelling necklace with my girls until we’re old and grey!


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