Lucky Me!

I never used to consider myself a lucky person – I wasn’t someone who always caught the bus right on time or never had a bad hair day.  But, in looking back, I suppose I am a lot luckier than I thought.  Here are a few of my big wins…


Now, $100 might not seem like a ton of money but this prize started off a year of pretty sweet contest wins for me.  My friend Andrea and I entered a Halloween contest through Canada’s Luckiest Student. To win this Halloween contest, you had to submit a photo of yourself in costume and then the photo with the most likes would win. So Andrea and I both decided to go for it; she dressed up as a minion and I dressed up as Minnie Mouse. The funny thing about this contest was that the creators had sent out a message saying they had only received six entries and the contest was closing that night.  So Andrea and I figured we might as well enter, since our chances of winning were pretty high. But because we only had the night, our costumes were pretty much scraped together from whatever we could make or find by running up and down the halls of our dorm. Anyway, Andrea went full tilt on Facebook, got a ton of likes and ended up winning the $500 grand prize.  But guess who won the $100 random draw? This mouse!

Twilight tickets
Shortly after winning as Minnie Mouse, I won tickets to the Twilight premiere in Vancouver. Now, this was 2012 and the final movie of the series so excuse me for being pretty pumped about it.  There was a red carpet and I think we might have gotten some swag to take home as well.

Round-trip flight to Australia
Easily my biggest win and also in the same year as the two contests above, I won a round-trip flight to Australia through an Air Canada Facebook contest.  It still sort of blows my mind that I won this one.   No one ever wins those free trip contests! But I did.  I had to fill out a form on Facebook describing my dream trip and out of all the entries, they picked mine! I used the flight a year later to spend a month in Australia visiting the Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

After that crazy year of contest winning, things sort of cooled off. I must have lost my four-leaf clover.  But then last fall, I started entering contests more actively. Instead of just clicking on the occasional contest that would pop up on social media, I sought out contests (my favourite contest curating website is  Now I know daily contest entering isn’t for everyone.  For me, it’s actually kind of fun to see all the different things I could win.  I have auto-fill on Google Chrome so I don’t actually spend forever typing out my details over and over again. And I am very diligent about clicking “unsubscribe” as soon as I receive the first contest-affiliated newsletter.  So since starting my contest entering last fall (and not actually entering everyday but as often as I remember), I have won:

Free movies
I’m not sure exactly which contest this was but I got on some list where almost bi-weekly I am sent free tickets for advanced screenings of not-yet-released movies. Half the time it’s a movie I don’t care about or the invite is sent too last minute and I already have plans but it has worked out a few times.  Colin and I have probably gone to 4 or 5 free movies since.

Dyson vacuum
This was a pretty sweet win. I entered a BestBuy contest by commenting on a Facebook photo and I won a free vacuum worth $600. My apartment is all carpet so this baby was actually pretty life-changing. It makes vacuuming so much easier and works way better than the used Dirt Devil Sophie and I picked up from Goodwill last year.

Vancouver staycation package
So for this I won a little Vancouver tourism package. I actually won this back in April, right before Colin and my first anniversary, and was hoping to utilize it for our celebration.  Unfortunately, there was some fine print and blackout dates but we will be using it later in the fall.  The package includes 3 nights at the Granville Island Hotel, $200 to Dockside restaurant, ferry tickets and theatre tickets. Our plan is to do a whole weekend using the giftcards and playing tourists on Granville Island.


So I think that about sums up my contest winnings.  It’s become part of my routine now to enter contests at the start of every work day – hopefully that translates into a few more wins!  But even if it doesn’t, I still have fun entering and I still know I am incredibly lucky in so many other ways.  Lucky to have a job that supports living in the priciest city in Canada; lucky to wake up to trees, mountains and the Pacific Ocean; lucky to have friends and family who love me from near and far; lucky to have a sweet and silly partner in Colin; and just really lucky on a basic level to have the privilege of being healthy and happy in a free country.  I know this post is a little silly – I’m talking about a bunch of contests I’ve won and the many more I’ve missed out on.  But I also know in comparison to so many people around the world, I am a winner – despite not getting that all expense paid trip to Cuba – and it’s important that I remember and am grateful of that fact everyday.




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