Am I ready for a dog?

So if you’ve spent any time with me in the last year, you know I’ve spent a majority of that time cooing over adorable puppies on the street, stalking dog shelter websites and longing to bring home a fur-ball of my own.


But am I ready?

I grew up with a dog, the beautiful and berserk Yoda.  Yoda was a big puppy – over 100lbs! He was a barker and a shedder.  But he was also the most lovable goofball and definitely added a lot to our family.  It was amazing growing up with a dog.  However, I’m the first to admit that our parents did most (all) of the work with Yoda: morning walks, grooming and buying huge bags of dog food all fell within their responsibility.

Yoda & the fam - circa 2006!

Yoda & the fam – circa 2006!

So am I ready for a dog of my own?

What kind of dog? As much as I love Yoda, I know I’m not ready or inclined to bring home a dog of that size.  Ideally I’m looking for a small dog with a shorter coat.  And I really want a senior dog! Senior dogs have a harder time getting adopted, because they aren’t as appealing as the puppies.  I love the idea of being able to provide an awesome home for a dog’s final years.  Senior dogs are also usually lower-energy, housetrained and (lucky for me) more affordable!

Where will the dog live? So I’ve recently moved into a new apartment. And while I love my new place, it’s definitely small.  I don’t know if this is a deal-breaker for a dog or not.  Some dogs, especially small senior ones like the kind I want, are more than happy to have their little dog bed area and don’t need much more than that. I think as long as I’m able to give my dog the time he/she needs outside, having a small inside space will be okay.

Am I allowed to get a dog? Right now my landlords are in the “considering” phase, due to a bad dog experience with a previous tenant. I definitely want to be respectful of the other tenants here and would never go against my landlords’ wishes.  Their concerns (not letting the dog do his/her business in the front yard, not having a dog home who barks all day) are valid and things I would need to consider before bringing someone home.

Do I have time? How will the dog fit into my schedule? This one is a bit of a pickle.  The FTC office I work at actually allows dogs, so I would be able to bring my buddy to work with me.  However, I wouldn’t want to bring my dog in everyday, so I’d need to have a back-up plan.  Do I bus home at lunch (do-able, but not ideal)? Hire a dog-walker (expensive)? Or hope my dog can make it without a bathroom/exercise break during the work day (possible but uncomfortable)? And then there’s my shifts at the Arbutus Club on the weekend, where I definitely can’t bring a dog.  Would my dog be okay if he was walked at 3:00pm and then not again till I got home at midnight or (if either of us are too tired) the next morning?

Can I afford it? While I’m far from rich, I do think I would be able to afford a dog.  I understand that there would be some big ticket items at first and then monthly/yearly expenses.  The dog sites I’ve looked at estimate anywhere between $700 and $1200 per year for proper dog care.  And proper dog care is obviously something I wouldn’t want to cut corners on.  It would be a big expense, but I’m confident in my current income and ability to manage money.  However, senior dogs do tend to err on the more expensive side of healthcare…

And what about my travelling? One thing that’s kept me from clicking the “adopt” button on all the shelter websites has been my near-constant nomadic status over the last year. Now that I’m more settled, I feel a bit more ready for permanent changes to my life, like a dog. In the next two years, I don’t see travelling for longer than a couple of weeks (crazy, right?), during which my dog could stay with a dog-loving friend or at a doggy daycare.  Of course, a dog, even a senior dog, is more than a two year commitment.  And right now I don’t exactly know where I’ll be in two years.  A big contender: moving to London.  But regardless of where I go (or if I stay), I think my next move would be long-term.  I learned while living in Amsterdam that I prefer slow travel with a homebase.  So wherever I go next, I plan for it to be a long enough move that I could do the work to bring my dog with me!


So, am I ready?


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