Now that we’re halfway through January, I figured it was about time to put some resolutions out there.


Or is it?

In 2013, I forwent the grandiose resolutions in favour of 8 mini-resolutions. And they actually went pretty well! Now, two full years later, I have made some headway on those goals:
1) Write a novel: Okay, I didn’t do this one. But I have written stuff and definitely want to keep at it. Maybe this year?
2) Actually get in to tea: Success! My time living in Amsterdam with two tea-addicted roommates definitely helped and I now have a full tea cabinet all of my own.
3) Pick brown/wheat bread: Currently in my fridge: half a loaf of multi-grain bread!
4) Floss/stretch daily: All right, I could probably use some work on this one. I’d say I’m at once a week right now.
5) Write more letters: Another success! I’m a huge snail mail fan and can’t wait to keep writing more letters in 2015.
6) Budget: Better late than never, but I now have a budgeting app on my phone that I use religiously.
7) Finish the Bible: Speaking of religion! I actually haven’t made too much of a dent on this one – but I will!
8) Accessorize more: And ending on a high note: daily I add some sort of earring, ring, necklace combo to my outfit.

So that was 2013.  In 2014, I didn’t even bother to make any resolutions! Whoops 🙂

But what do I have planned for 2015?

Once again I’m bucking traditional resolutions.  This year I’ve got two, I guess themes, I want to keep top of mind:

Gratitude and Mindfulness

Practising gratitude has long been something I’ve strived for.  Every night, as part of my prayers, I list ten things I’m grateful for that day.  Some days, I get all the way to 20.  And some days, I really struggle to come up with 10 – which is crazy! I live an extremely fortunate life, so coming up with 10 daily gratitudes should never be a problem.  But counting my 10 daily blessings helps me remember how lucky I am even on bad days.

This year, I wanted to take on a gratitude project and found the perfect one (courtesy of Buzzfeed): Rememberlutions! Instead of ending 2015 by looking at resolutions I didn’t keep, I’ll end it by looking back on all of the amazing memories that made 2015 awesome.  And I’m sure that will result in a huge dose of gratitude 🙂

The other part of my 2015 plan is more like a resolution…or maybe like a mantra? I’m not quite sure how to categorize it, but here it is:

I want to be purposeful with my time and money.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I enjoy crappy reality TV, celebrity gossip, impulse buys and anything on sale. I don’t realistically think I can cut those things completely out of my life. But, I do think I can cut them down.  It’s so easy for me to waste a night in front of the TV or filling out Buzzfeed quizzes.  I don’t think twice about going out for lunch a few times a week or picking up, yet another, cheap sweater at the mall. And while those wasted nights are relaxing and there’s definitely some instant gratification from my impulse buys, they don’t make me feel happy, satisfied or accomplished. It bothers me to go to bed at night and not feel like I’ve done something meaningful that day.

So, I want to be more mindful with my time and money! I haven’t exactly worked out what that will mean – but I’m sure I will figure it out soon. I think just in publishing this, I’m taking the first step in holding myself accountable.  And I’m giving myself another reminder to think critically before I waste an hour or a dollar on something I don’t actually want or need.  So far I’ve started adding a few things to my day to give it a bit more purpose: I’ve been learning a little Spanish with daily exercises on Duolingo.  I really loved using my extremely limited Spanish when I was in the DR, and I’d love to learn more.  I’ve also started a daily stretch and meditation with another fun app: Headspace.  I’ve started reading before bed again.  I applied to volunteer at the SPCA animal shelter.  And, I’m even trying to get into cooking!


So those are some things I’m working on for 2015. Wish me luck!


Thoughts? Let me know!

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