A week of change and busy-ness!

A lot of big things have changed over the last week or so: I finished my last class of my undergrad at UBC. I started my new job at Free The Children. And I got an apartment for January! Look who’s growing up 🙂

So all of these things happened at pretty much the same time! My official last day of class (LDOC) was on Thursday, Nov 27. I worked at the Arbutus Club on Friday and Saturday, took Sunday off, and then started at FTC bright and early on Monday.  By Thursday, I had signed my tenancy agreement on my new place.

My first week at FTC has been pretty awesome – busy – but awesome! I definitely hit the ground running; I was emailing and phoning educators by my second day. It’s been really nice being back in the office. It was like coming home! A lot of familiar faces and really nice new faces.  The work is familiar, but I’m learning a lot more.  And I’m really excited about it! Each day I’ve been able to find out new things about my role and remind myself how stoked I am to be doing what I’m doing.  And that reminder is especially helpful when my alarm goes off at 6:50am every morning 😦

Despite celebrating my final LDOC, my UBC commitments aren’t quite done yet. I had a paper due this past Friday and two final exams next week. It’s pretty hard to channel school mode (which, let’s be honest, hasn’t been fully activated for the majority of this final term) when I’m just getting into working full time.  By the time I get back to my house around 6pm, I’m exhausted! And then there’s the mundane tasks that still need doing: groceries, laundry, showering, etc. But I managed to get my paper in on Friday and I’ve carved out a few last minute study hours tomorrow.

And I am still serving on weekends. It’s actually kind of nice to be working both jobs.  I was excited to go into work tonight: to see my friends and to do something completely different from what I’ve been doing at a desk the last 5 days. And I’m sure I will feel the same way Monday morning coming off of Sunday night’s dining room shift.  So while it’s crazy busy, it makes me appreciate each job (and each job’s awesome co-workers!) that much more.  Plus, the added income does not hurt!

The last part of my adult equation: my own apartment! In January I will be moving into an adorable studio in South-east Vancouver.  It was the first place I went to see and I really liked it! The place is tiny, but it has everything I need and is really nicely furnished.  Plus, I’m excited to be living in a whole new neighbourhood.  My entire Van life has taken place within the UBC/Kits boundary, and I’m psyched to be moving out of that and discovering some place new.  Added bonus: my new commute to work will be 15 minutes on the bus instead of my current commute time of an hour!


So that’s what I’m up to right now! Add to that a few social engagements and holiday gift shopping, and you’ve got my very full calendar! It’s a bit crazy, but I know that craziness is only temporary and I’m managing.  By January, school will be completely done and I’ll be settled into my new place – which will definitely minimize the crazy.  Until then, send me your love, luck and prayers as I attempt to get through my final finals (haha) while working 7 days a week!


4 thoughts on “A week of change and busy-ness!

  1. So-ooooh busy boo! As always, I’m so proud of you!!! Take it easy though, don’t want you to be burnt out by the holidays. Sending so much love, support, hugs and kisses, and you don’t need luck for finals or to get through everything, I just know you will do it with finesses as you always do! xo

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