A Birthday Surprise in Toronto

Toronto: a very cold city where I got to spend this last weekend with my friends and family eating, drinking and trying to keep warm!


My mom turns 50 this year and in celebration of that, she planned a Hawaiian-themed party: Hawaii 5-0 (my mom is brilliant). Unfortunately, me being a 5 hour and $500+ plane ride away meant I would not be able to attend. But some very kind relatives of mine helped me do something about that. They bought my ticket and planned for me to surprise my mom at her party on Saturday!

So on Saturday night I called my mom to check in on her party.

“Hi Moo! How’s the party going?”
“Good! Thanks for calling, Boo. How are you?”
“I’m good. Your dress looks nice.”
“Thanks. Yeah, I told you I was wearing the long red one.”
“And your hair looks nice too.”
“What? My hair?”
“Yeah, it looks beautiful!”
“What do you mean? Did someone send you a photo?”

By this point I had snuck up the elevator, passed the security guard and had inched my way into the party room. I rounded the corner and tapped her on the shoulder.  And then our conversation turned into lots of hugs, camera flashes and my mom continually exclaiming, “What! How?”.



Rocking our best Hawaiian gear!

Rocking our best Hawaiian gear!

All in all, the perfect surprise 🙂

The rest of the weekend was pretty wonderful too. I spent Friday with my sister: we got sushi, watched Mockingjay and finished the night with Menchies (basically the 3 things in life that bring us joy). On Saturday I went out for dim sum with my girlfriends and we did a little shopping around the city. On Sunday, mom and I did brunch in the morning and then dinner with some other friends that night.  And then Monday was spent packing, pretending to do homework and spending a little bit of time with my aunt and baby cousin.

We <3 Menchies!

We ❤ Menchies! 

Not sure if they're impressed with the dim sum options...

Not sure if they’re impressed with the dim sum options…

Beautiful Mama at brunch

Beautiful Mama at brunch


I loved being able to come home and celebrate with my mom on her big day. And it was great that I was able to see so many other friends and family members on such a quick trip. As much as Vancouver is becoming home to me too, a large part of my heart is always going to be with my loved ones in Toronto.  See you guys in less than a month!




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