That perfect weekend

This past weekend was…perfect!


Nothing crazy happened. I didn’t win any contest or go on any big trip. But I did have a really wonderful weekend. I got to do a lot of things I love with a lot of people I love even more. Sometimes I forget how much awesome my life is comprised of (like in last week’s sad rant). But this weekend was a perfect reminder of just that.

Saturday morning started with a wonderful catch-up Skype date with my momma. It had been some time since we had talked and we both had lots of updates for each other. It was nice to have that time with her, even when we live 3 time zones away from one another.

After Skyping, I headed out into the cold, but beautifully sunny, day to meet my good friend Emilie so we could exercise our civic duty together. Even though I’ve been of age to vote for over 4 years, this was my first time voting. And it was so exciting! It took a little while to fill out the paper work, but it was well worth it. And rocking the “I voted” sticker all day was half the fun.

We voted!

We voted!

Next, Emilie and I hit up a toy store/craft studio where we sat down with a group of eight year olds to paint some pottery! We both went for large latte mugs and let out our inner artistes. I’ve done a few pottery paintings in my day and still find the rainy day childhood pastime to be really fun.  Unfortunately, my artistic ability does not reflect the number of hours I’ve spent at different art studios (and my parents have cabinets full of mugs/plates/figurines to prove it!).

Creative craftsmanship at its finest

Creative craftsmanship at its finest

From there we grabbed a quick (and yummy) bite before heading off to work.  Work was surprisingly relaxing. I got to work in the dining room with some lovely people and only had a few tables.  We all got out by 10:30 with relatively few broken glasses/messed up orders.

And to finish off the night: Emilie and I went for late night sushi! I love spontaneous outings like that. We were just sitting waiting for our buses when we decided sushi would be a great idea. And it was! I was grossly full, but it was well worth it.



On Sunday I woke up to another beautifully bright day.  Which was perfect for my friends Andrea and Zoe who were running a 10K and half marathon, respectively. I headed out to UBC and met up with some fellow UBC-ers to cheer them on and congratulate them at the finish line. It was awesome to see so many smiling faces crossing the finish line – almost awesome enough to make me want to run (almost).  To celebrate their athletic achievement, we went out for a post-run brunch of delicious eggs, hashbrowns and complimentary banana bread at Enigma.

Congrats ladies!

Congrats ladies!

From brunch, Andrea and I met up with our friend Malindi at Starbucks and then headed downtown.  Malindi and I had plans to see Urinetown (the musical, not the place, of course) with our other friends Ashleigh and Jenna.  Urinetown was the residence musical I had worked on in my first year advising (back in 2011) with Malindi, Ashleigh and Jenna. We decided catching the Firehall Art Centre’s version would be the perfect mini-musical reunion.  The show was really well done and a ton of fun (buy tickets!).  But even better was seeing old friends and catching up over coffees post-show 🙂


Such a good show!


And then I got to have a chill Sunday night at home. It was nice to not be working and to have some time to recharge a bit before another crazy week of work, school and whatever else I have going on (grad photos, I think?). So while my weekend wasn’t terribly productive – I have no groceries, a carpet that could use a vacuum and many untouched schoolbooks – it was really nice to be able to spend time with some of my favourite people in Vancouver. These are the people who are going to make living here for the next two years (at least) so wonderful.  I’m looking forward to it!



Thoughts? Let me know!

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