The flower diaries

One of my favourite small joys is fresh flowers. I love the idea of a gorgeous bouquet sitting in a vase and brightening my room.  Not that my room needs too much brightening, given my multi-coloured bed sheets and pretty much wall-to-wall photo gallery.


However, I still take pleasure in bringing in a weekly (or bi-weekly) bouquet.  I’d love to be able to buy a huge arrangement from a local florist, but my budget is more $7 at the grocery store.  But that’s the great thing about flowers: even the cheap ones from Safeway have some magic!

Week 1: Krista, the wonderful lady whose room I am subletting, actually started me off with the most gorgeous bouquet back in August. Unfortunately, I took the worst photo.  But believe the flowers were stunning!


Week 2: Daisies, I think? For someone as into flowers as me, you’d think I’d know more about them. Anyway, I went pink!


The next week: Okay, clearly I’m not buying them on a weekly basis. But whenever I purchased my third bouquet, I decided to go with these yellow stunners.


Thanksgiving Weekend: My Thanksgiving flowers were definitely one of my favourites. The local grocery store really stepped up their flower selection game that week!


Current Bloom: Right now, I’m currently hosting these red tulips, which take me back to my Amsterdam days.  Unfortunately, the tulips are pretty wilted at this point (it’s been over a week).  But that just means I get to go out and get some new flowers soon!



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