Big News!

Last Thursday I received some BIG news.


After 3 rounds of interviews, I was informed on Thursday morning that, as of December 1st, I will be Free The Children‘s new Educational Programming Coordinator (EPC) on their Washington State team! YAY!!!!

Securing a full-time job for immediately after graduation with a Bachelor of Arts is reason enough to celebrate these days.  But securing that job at an organization I so deeply admire, with a fantastic workplace culture and exposure to awesome organizational activities makes me ecstatic! #dreamjob

I had the pleasure of doing a co-op term at Free The Children’s Vancouver office last winter.  I got to work with an amazing team to help pull off Free The Children’s signature event, We Day, for the first time in the United States.  We ended up packing the arena in Seattle with thousands of kids and brought a whole new wave of inspiration and change to youth in Washington.  Standing in that full stadium and watching it light up with the enthusiasm of 3000+ youth inspired to make a difference in their world was one of the coolest things I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.  To be able to do that on a more permanent basis as an EPC is going to be awesome!

My new role as EPC for Washington State is going to be based out of the Vancouver office, with lots of cross-border communication with schools in Washington.  However, it does mean that I’ll be living in Vancouver for the foreseeable future (or next 2 years, as per my contract, at least).  Well I have been living in Vancouver off-and-on for the last four years, I’m really looking forward to the adventure of living here permanently.  I’m going to sign a lease that isn’t just for four or eight months.  I’ve already invested in some heavy duty rain boots (a rain jacket still needs to be purchased).  And I might even consider finding a local doctor/dentist to make the transition complete.

So to sum up my big news: I got a job! I got my dream job.  And I get to do my dream job in one of my favourite cities: Vancouver.  


PS: Thursday was also the day that I finally had it with my BlackBerry (which I’ve had since 2010).  When I got the good news from Free The Children, my phone decided to drop the call twice and completely shut down the second time.  So I marched down to the mall after school and got myself all set up with a new phone and plan.  So far, no calls have been dropped and I’m slowly learning to type on a touch screen.  Yay for modern technology!


5 thoughts on “Big News!

    You cannot believe how proud and happy I feel for you!!
    You have been and always be the amazing “big sister” influence/inspiration to my Katy Kakes!!
    This position needed a person like you!!
    This is just the beginning of your illustrious career, enjoy!! And we will be in Vancouver to visit in the summer of course!!
    PS. Next position? Hawaii? Fiji? Anywhere but Toronto…you have the world!!
    Congrats, Love you Riana!! Auntie Hayley

    • Thanks Auntie Hayley! You’re too sweet and I would love to have you guys come visit me in Van. Haha and yes, I will try to find a more tropical location for my next gig. Love you guys lots!

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