The little things

One thing I’m trying to do more often is to take note, and be grateful for, the little things.  The last year+ of my life has been about a lot of big things: new school, new jobs, new friends and new countries.  But now that my life is settling a little bit more into a routine, I think it’s important that I still have those things that make me smile when I get up in the morning.  My life has always been filled with a lot of wonderful, and now it’s time to appreciate it all!



Bring on the bloom!

Bring on the bloom!

I love fresh flowers! They instantly brighten a room and brighten my mood.  My friend, whose room I’m subletting, welcomed me back to Vancouver with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and I’m vowing to keep that vase full until her return.  So every week or two, I treat myself to a small bouquet and watch the petals and pollen fall onto my dresser.


I’ve always loved candles but that love grew to obsession during my months at Bath & Body Works.  While I (somehow) resisted buying the entire candle inventory, I do have a few great smelling ones on hand.  Currently burning: Winter Cranberry (delicious, I highly recommend you sniff it, if given the chance).


So after trying for about a year to get into tea, I finally made the conversion! It took living for 5 months with two tea addicts in Amsterdam to get me into the routine of brewing (almost) nightly.  I stocked up on some delicious flavours from David’s Tea (my favourite: Forever Nuts) and get to feel a touch more sophisticated when I sit down in front of Netflix with my loose leaf cup of heaven.

Snail Mail

Yes, it’s dated and practically useless but I LOVE snail mail! I love sending letters and I love receiving them (hint hint!).  If I ever won the lottery, a good chunk of it would go to stationary and cards so I could send to my heart’s delight.


My Amsterdam wall :)

My Amsterdam wall 🙂

If you’ve ever seen my room, you know it to be covered in photos.  I still haven’t graduated to a more adult sense of interior design so my walls currently have about 50 photos and postcards lovingly taped and sticky-tacked to them.  I love reliving my best memories and seeing the smiling faces of friends and family who might be quite a few miles away.  Eventually, I’m hoping to refine this habit with some fancy frames and artistic lay-outs, but for now it’s mainly a smorgasbord of smiles and very little bare wall space.

Library Books

I’ve always been a huge reader.  Having so much reading to do for school has put a bit of a damper on my leisure reading these last few years but whenever I travel, I love having a book in my bag.  So I decided to continue that tradition here in Vancouver by getting my own library card and becoming a regular at my local library (just 2 blocks away!).  Currently reading: Three Cups of Tea.


I was first introduced to Coastal Church way back in 2011 by a UBC friend.  I immediately fell in love with the passionate worship, uplifting sermons and beautiful people.  While my attendance has been spotty (at best) over the last few years, I’ve committed to making the Sunday trek to Coastal a part of my life this year.  I enjoy it every time I go and am hoping to get more involved with the church once school lets up.

And…everything else! 

Of course, there are many more awesome things in my life: a line-up of new TV shows, wonderful friends, a new workout, interesting classes and lots to learn at work.  But when I get stressed, for example by a midterm and essay due on Thursday that have gotten very little attention, it’s the little things above that keep me smiling.


Week 3 – I’m not doing too bad so far!


4 thoughts on “The little things

  1. I was surfing the WordPress timeline and bumped into your post. Just wanna thank you for it. I recently bought a rope and pins for the outdoors exhibition. Your photos on the wall inspired me and I will do a similar thing in my apartment. It looks very cosy this way.

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