Wait, I have a blog?

Oh, that’s right. I do. Whoops!


So writing on this blog of mine has been intermittent, at best, over the last 3 years. At one point, I was blogging daily during my first solo trip to Europe. And at other points, I’ve gone so long without writing that I’ve forgotten my WordPress password!  But I guess it makes sense that a travel blog (or an amateur version of one) is only updated when I’m travelling.

But I didn’t create a blog purely as a travel diary. In fact, I had no travel plans when I published my first (kind of depressing) post. This blog was a place to escape. It was a place to dream. It was a place to create the fulfilled, exciting and adventure-ish life that I wanted. This blog was for me.

And that’s what I want to get back to. While this blog has worked out great for sharing travel photos and stories with friends and family back home, I don’t want to completely ignore it whenever I’m not travelling.  Because I think there are quite a few teaspoons of adventure to be had on home soil too!


My new vow: Write on this blog. Write regularly. Write once a week.  Write for me. I’ve always loved to write, and this is a wonderful platform to do it on. It might not always be travel related (though, knowing me, it often will be). And I’ll probably experiment with different styles. And I don’t assume or expect a large following of readers because of it. But writing weekly will keep me accountable, give me a chance to flex some writing skills and remind me how grateful I am for the wonderful adventure-almost-full life I am currently leading!

Seen in the basement of UBC's Student Union...and a wonderful statement about my old haphazard blogging commitment

Seen in the basement of UBC’s Student Union…and a wonderful statement about my old haphazard blogging commitment

Week 1 and done! See ya next week 🙂


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