The last of Iceland

Before I move onto my new adventure in Amsterdam (!!!), I wanted to finish off with a few last photos of Iceland. I was able to go on an amazing tour of Iceland’s south coast, take in spectacular views of Reykjavik and go on two freezing and failed Northern Lights tours in my last few days.

Without further ado:


Walking behind the Seljalandsfoss waterfalls. There was a path to walk behind the falls that included stairs and then an impromptu rock climb, mud slide and ice crossing.


The front of the Seljalandsfoss waterfalls


The famous Icelandic horses! (Not ponies, that’s offensive)


60 metre tall Skogafoss waterfalls!


Another view of Skogafoss! You could walk right up to the bottom of the falls!


The waves at Reynisfjara were so powerful! And the wind was so crazy, we had to walk backwards or else get pebbles to the face.


Reynisfjara, famous for its black sand beach, is also home to a wicked cave!


The Solheimajokull glacier!


Glacier selfie! #onlyiniceland


More from the gorgeous glacier we got to explore


Sunset over Reykjavik. My view from the wraparound deck of the Perlan building.


More of Reykjavik


Lastly, my best shot of the “Northern Lights”. Needless to say, the two tours I attended on a jam-packed bus where I huddled with strangers in the freezing cold till 1am, did not pay off….Maybe next time?





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