Guest Post: Travelling Tips for Staying Safe

Today’s guest post is written by KC Owens, a fellow world adventurer and travel enthusiast. Read on for his tips to stay safe during your travels.


Travels and journeys around the world can be a thrilling experience that everyone should do at some time in life. Travelling can be exciting, adventurous and educational. Unfortunately, a travelling experience can become sour quickly or may not work out exactly as you planned. Here are some things to keep in mind when travelling so that you can be aware and safe wherever your travels take you.

A lost wallet can be devastating at any time but if you’re bouncing around from city to city, this can be even more upsetting. To combat this issue, consider getting a prepaid credit card. According to Credit Card Insider, a prepaid credit card can be secured so there are no worries if it is stolen or lost. In fact, some cards do not have a name on them to prevent someone from purchasing something online and using your information. Besides this, a prepaid card can only house a certain amount of money on it so if stolen, the thief only has access to a small amount of cash until you are able to cancel the card.

As you are travelling, keep in mind that there are people who will try to steal your passport. These thieves are called “pickpockets” and they love to follow visitors around. When you are distracted and not paying attention, they take the opportunity to help themselves to the contents of your pocket, backpack or purse. Prevent these individuals with sticky hands from taking your belongings by keeping your bags locked and your pockets empty. In addition to this, always be on your guard and be sure that your passport is locked in a travellers’ money belt. These belts can be very helpful while travelling and I would recommend that all travellers carry one.

While travelling, there is a possibility of getting mugged. I have known people who have been mugged and each one has stated that more could have been done to prevent it from happening. On your travels try to stay in a group, if possible, as you are less likely to be targeted. In addition to this, keep your valuable possessions protected and unseen from roving eyes. A possession, such as a smart phone, can attract a lot of unwanted attention so do not pull out your phone while walking home at night. If you do, you might find yourself surrounded by a few unfriendly strangers. While travelling, take precautions to ensure a safe trip and not a stressful one.


About the author: KC Owens is a college student who loves travelling, college life, fitness and a good survival kit. He enjoys studying different cultures, meeting new people and leaving his footprint somewhere most people only read about.


One thought on “Guest Post: Travelling Tips for Staying Safe

  1. Very informative and helpful tips. Thanks for sharing! People often think it will never happen to them, and most of the time it doesn’t. However, it’s always good to take preventative measures where possible. Question: What do you do if you lose or have your passport stolen in a foreign country? Love Ali

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