5 cities in 5 weekends

I’m midway through an epic 5 week experience where I spend each weekend in a different city. I didn’t plan it this way but it somehow worked out that from May 4 – June 1 I will spend my Saturdays in 4 different countries and 5 different cities.




Driving down to Seattle!

On May 3, I went down to Tukwila, Seattle with Free The Children for our second (and my last) Youth Summit. We got to stay at the beautiful Sheraton hotel in downtown Seattle, dine at our go-to restaurant, The Cheesecake Factory, and put on an amazing Youth Summit for some inspirational young leaders. It was the perfect ending to my co-op term! It still feels pretty weird not to be making youth calls or trekking down to the office for 8:30am. I miss my co-workers way too much but I hope to be back on FTC payroll in the future!


This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to fly home for 4 wonderful days. I got to catch up with lots of friends and family, watch movies, eat too much good food, celebrate Mother’s Day and remind myself what spring in Toronto really feels like (hint: cold!). I didn’t think I’d be home again until October and I had missed being able to go home in February so this visit was definitely needed. They sent me back to my much warmer Vancouver with lots of love and support for my big summer adventure!



My apartment! Not the best photo but still adorable 🙂

This weekend I’m back in VanCity! This is my last week in my own apartment, taking classes at UBC and not working or travelling. It’s been really nice having my own space. The simple pleasures of a double bed, my own bathroom and en suite washer/dryer are not to be underestimated. While I have managed to burn almost every meal I’ve cooked, it was nice to get a feel of independence. I’m looking forward to living in this beautiful city again in the future.


I ❤ Vancouver!


Next weekend I will be across the pond in LONDON! I’m taking a bit of an extended layover in the British capital for 4 days of royalty, musicals, churches, museums and parks. I fit in a lot of London last year but I’m excited to check out some of the places I missed. I’m currently in the midst of planning my itinerary and booking accommodation – I’m open to any suggestions!

Manzini, Swaziland

And then, by the first weekend in June, I will be in Swaziland! Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about this part of my journey. I fly into Johannesburg, South Africa on the 29th and into Manzini, Swaziland on the 30th. I’ll have a few days of orientation and then be introduced to my host family and community organization where I will be working. I’m excited to travel to Africa for the first time and be able to contribute to a project on the ground for 3 months. It’s a little difficult to prepare when I don’t know exactly what’s coming but I trust that the experience will work out. At least I hope so!


Stay tuned for my next post, most likely coming from an airport terminal (probably not) near you!


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