Long time no post

Exactly 76 days without a post! Fear not, blog-icide was not committed and a fresh post is here to revive A Teaspoon of Adventure! 


As my last post (waaaaay back in January) detailed, my life has been a little hectic! It feels like I’m still getting used to working a full time job on top of advising, my online course, prep for my summer course/trip and regular life stuff like seeing friends, doing laundry and attempting this grown up thing called taxes….


I recently got back from Seattle We Day! My entire job up until this point has been in preparation for We Day and it was so insane to see it all come together. I never truly realized how much work goes in to pulling off an event of that size! I was blown away. I also got to experience the infectious energy of 15000 youth ready to change the world. By far my favourite moment was seeing the students run off their buses in matching t-shirts, holding handmade signs, waiting to get into the arena.  That moment was closely followed by Macklemore performing and then attempting to crowdsurf on 3rd graders.


Now that We Day is over and I had a four-day long weekend to recuperate, I can look ahead at what’s to come.  April is going to be a very busy month! Work is still going full steam ahead with our upcoming youth summits. April will be my last month at my Free The Children internship 😦 It will also be my last month living in residence. I can’t believe that in 25 days I will have all of this stuff around me packed into boxes and have access to a full sized fridge and oven in my new place! I’ll also be finishing up course work and my advising duties throughout the month as well.

May brings the exciting challenge of living in a non-parental, non-university residence apartment for the first time. I’m super excited to have a kitchen and one room mate instead of 30 but I will definitely miss the ease of the dining hall and the friends two doors down. But I won’t have too much time to miss it as I will be preparing for SWAZILAND! I still don’t have all of the details, but I’m hopeful it will all work out. And then I can start thinking about 6 weeks in Vancouver, a week in Toronto, 6 weeks in Australia, 2 months in Toronto and 5 months in Amsterdam! 

So that’s my next two months! I’m excited to be getting a taste of a settled adult life as well as travelling to Africa for the first time. It still feels really far away but I’m sure I’ll be on a plane before I know it. 

Until then! 


Thoughts? Let me know!

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