I’ve never been big on New Year’s Resolutions.


Every year people promise they’ll lose weight, eat better, spend less and save more.  The arbitrary date of January 1st is supposed to magically make these lofty and broad resolutions more accomplishable.  Unfortunately, most resolutions seem to be abandoned by Feb 1st, if not sooner.

So instead of making grandiose promises, I’m going to commit to a few little things.  Small changes that will help make my daily life better and lead to larger ideals of financial, physical, spiritual and mental health.  Along with these goals, I’m actively planning to make 2013 an awesome year: a co-op job at Free The Children, volunteering in Swaziland for 3 months (and getting course credits!) and possibly living on my own in Vancouver before setting off to Australia for exchange!

Resolution #1: Write a novel
I’ve been writing for years and my first genre of choice was fiction stories. I’ve written countless story beginnings, only to fall out of love with my plot or main character and abandon the piece.  In 2013, I am committing to finishing a full-length fiction story.  It might not be good, and there’s a super slim chance it will ever see the light of day, but it will be finished!

Resolution #2: Actually get in to tea
Back in September I made a list of goals for myself for the school year.  While I’ve worked towards some of them (research school options and attend church weekly – check!), some have been pretty much forgotten (flossing? Overrated!).  But one of my goals was to get in to tea! I want to replace my stash of hocho/coffee and start drinking tea instead. I started by buying a few cheap grocery store brands but it was a struggle to force myself to make a cup, let alone enjoy one.  So this year, I’m starting my tea journey anew by making tea drinking fun! I’ve visited David’s Tea and I think I’m ready to recommit.

Resolution #3: Pick brown/wheat bread
As a rule, whenever I’ve been given the option between white and wheat, I always go white.  I prefer the flavour but have come to accept that the added calories aren’t really worth it.  The sandwich will taste just as good on whole wheat toast.  I know it’s not a huge step, but it’s a little something I can commit to for 2013.

Resolution #4: Floss and stretch daily
As I mentioned above, both of these things were on my September goals list but kind of fell by the wayside.  In 2013, I’m bringing them back! I just have to get into a routine of flossing and doing a few quick stretches every day.

Resolution #5: Write more letters
I love snail mail! And in 2012 I wrote and received a fair amount of snail mail from friends and family back home and overseas.  It’s really fun to get mail and take a few moments to connect with people offline.  In 2013 I want to send even more letters to my friends and family. I’m hoping for a full mailbox, so please reply to my letters!

Resolution #6: Budget
I’ve never been terrible with money.  I’ve actually always set a little aside for savings and I’m pretty responsible about not spending it too recklessly.  But I can honestly say I don’t know enough about how much I’m earning, saving and spending. My dad recently walked me through a simple budgeting technique which I’m going to employ in the new year.

Resolution #7: Finish the Bible
Two years ago I started reading the Bible, after a failed attempt years before that. I managed to finish all of the New Testament except for Revelations.  In 2013, I’m going to start from the beginning and read the Old Testament and then Revelations.  I’ll officially have read the entire Bible but in the future I plan to read it again in the proper order.

Resolution #8: Accessorize more!
This is my fluff resolution, but still one I intend to keep! I want to accessorize more in 2013.  I have a ton of jewellery that I don’t remember I own until I’m moving and have to pack it all up.  This year I’m going to start wearing some of it! Every day I want to wear at least one piece of jewellery.

And that’s the plan for 2013! 8 little habit changes I’m going to add to my daily routine plus my big plans for the year.  I’m looking forward to so much in 2013 and I’m really excited for what’s coming this year. I’m also thinking ahead to 2014, 2015 and beyond.  It scares me a little that I still have some big decisions to make and that in 2-ish years I’m going to be graduating and out in the real world.  But I’m also super excited for the opportunity to travel, live on my own, come home, discover new passions, learn more, work hard, meet new people, make mistakes and find my place in the world.  I think 2013 is definitely setting me on the right path to discover where that will be.


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