Summer Round-up!

Bye Summer!

Definitely not how I thought my summer was going to go.  At first, I dreamt that I would be off in Italy working at an English camp all summer.  After that fell through (though conveniently they did email me at the end of July offering me the position for August/September), things were kind of up in the air.  But everything turned out amazing in the end! Here is a quick month-by-month summary of my summer:

May: Not much, tbh. I came back to Toronto and caught up with friends and family.  I applied to a bunch of job postings online and secured a few (unpaid) writing positions. I’m still happily writing for most of them and loving the experience so not a total bust.

June: It started out similar to May until I found my AMAZING flight deal to Europe! The rest of June was spent preparing to leave for my three weeks of solo Europe travel. I visited London, Paris, Nice and Barcelona in June.  Definitely a month to remember!

July: July had me still in Europe! I visited Madrid and Lisbon in the beginning of July and then I flew back home.  In July I also started my internship at The Kit. I was an editorial intern and got to help out with fact-checking, contacting brands, writing news stories and product pieces, receiving couriers and playing sorting samples in The Closet. It wasn’t exactly The Devil Wears Prada but it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot, I got to write (published online, in print and on Huffington Post!) and experience the magazine world! Maybe a career possibility? Who knows!

Oh, and I turned 20 in July too. Though, it wasn’t terribly spectacular.  It’s just scary that I’m in my 20s now….

August: August started with our surprise family vacation to The Bahamas! I went to Atlantis with my Dad’s side of the family and it was such a nice escape. It’s been a while since we’ve all been away together so it was nice spending time with everyone, especially Jade who was away in Quebec all of July.  And it was so nice to just relax! As opposed to my fast pace Europe trip – this was definitely more of a reading, napping, pool-hopping, daquiri-drinking kind of vacation.  Basically, paradise.

Once back in Toronto, I continued working at The Kit and started really committing to my driving practice.  Sad fact: I turned 16 four years ago, got my G1 three years ago and had yet to get my G2.  Sadder fact: my 17 year old sister got her G2 in June.  So after some convincing I booked the test and on Monday, August 20 I became an official G2-er! Only one test left!

Now, at the end of August, I’m back in Vancouver.  I’ve just moved into my RA room (Hamber 206) back in Vanier. Tonight I met the rest of the Vanier team and spent some time with my small team.  Tomorrow we head off bright and early (7 freaking 30) to UBCO in Kelowna for more training! I’m excited to really get to know people, to see old friends and to learn new skills.  Advisor Orientation is a great time but it’s also exhausting. I’m hoping not to burn out and to still find time to finish organizing my room and keep up with my writing.

…which means I should probably pack my bag for UBCO and hit the sack.  All in all, pretty amazing summer! I’m getting excited to plan summer 2013. Rumour has it a trip to Asia with one of my friends is in the works!


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