Thank You and Goodbye!

Except without balloons…I hate balloons

In less than 24 hours I will be on a plane, somewhere over the Atlantic (or realistically over Nova Scotia), on my way to London and Europe for 3 weeks! I am so excited! But I’m also nervous and unprepared!


Before I head out, I want to write a quick thank you!

Thank you to everyone who has inspired me to travel.  From online strangers I’ve “met” in the twitter-verse to stories of friends who are on their own adventures and the amazing tours, flights, deals, etc. I find, it’s all been a big part of my trip. Thank you for showing me what the world has to offer and how I can find it for myself.

Thank you to my parents who supported me.  Not every teenager can say their parents are on board with them going off to Europe alone for 3 weeks; a trip they organized a mere week before the flight took off.  You guys have always encouraged me to live my dreams and this is definitely one of them. Though if I don’t come back – you can only blame yourselves! (Note: I will accept an under-the-table job in order to prolong my stay. If you know a sketchy bar in London that’s hiring let me know!)

Thank you to my friends! You guys have given me awesome advice, tips, well-wishes, letters, hugs, love, encouragement, phone numbers, language lessons, overseas contacts and the necklace! Without all of those things I wouldn’t have the confidence to go on this trip.  Thank you for being excited for me and for not telling me I’m crazy!  Thank you for indulging my travel-talk and not trying to shut me up. Thank you for supporting my decision to travel.  I look forward to travelling with some of you soon!

Thank you to the universe for aligning this trip for me – I really needed it! Thank you to YYZ deals for an AMAZING flight! Thank you to online reviews for helping me pick (hopefully not sketchy) hostels. Thanks to awesome web posts for outlining cheap things to do in Europe.

To anyone and everyone who helped to make this trip possible, this is for you….

What says “thank you” better than Hot Guys and Baby Animals?

Next post will be from across the pond! (Or possibly at the airport if I get bored…)


4 thoughts on “Thank You and Goodbye!

  1. Wait, what the hell?? You’re going to Europe? by yourself? When? for how long? How come I always learn about this stuff on line? LOL…your loving & somewhat nervously supportive Dad

  2. Ri so incredibly proud and extremely excited for you to be backpacking Europe el solo!! It’s a cliche that never gets old 🙂 You’ll have an amazing time, meet incredible people and create fantastic memories and experiences that will undoubtedly continue to shape the amazing woman that you are!!! Looking forward to backpacking europe with you and your entertaining and hilarious blog posts – when i read them i feel like I’m sitting across the table with you having a drink! Safe travels – your extremely proud auntie tra

    • Aw thank you Tracy! That was so nice to read! Thank you for all your advice, lending me the awesome backpack and your well wishes online and the phone! It’s been awesome so far – I’ll keep you posted!

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