Finals Time (aka update your blogs!)

So another year of classes has drawn to a close, and now I only have finals to contend with.  Part of me is glad that I see this time as an opportunity, nay: challenge, to finish a new TV series or two while the other part of me wishes I had the drive to actually get some good studying in.  Lord knows I need it.

Instead of spending the majority of my day at a desk cramming for my finals I’ve taken to watching Gossip Girl, getting ahead on my room cleaning, ordering copious amounts of take-out, stalking travel blogs and worrying about my lack of summer job/summer housing/summer storage.  The worrying has kind of taken on a life of its own and will soon include worrying about failing these finals!

Upcoming intended adventure:

I finish my last final on the night of the 19th but I’m staying in Vancouver until at least the 28th because of work.  I have a few days off after my last final so I’d love to get a way for a while.  A friend and I were thinking about train-ing to Seattle. I haven’t taken the train here yet and I haven’t been to real Seattle (apparently a bus to the outlet mall in Bellingham does not count).  As well, I’d love to use the opportunity to try out my first hostel! Based on my research, they have some nice ones in Seattle. 

If Seattle doesn’t work out I think I’d like to go over to the island.  Granted, on my first official visit to Victoria I spent more time on the ferry than in the city and enjoyed the ferry more as well.  But I do have a weird dream to eat a nanaimo bar (the food) while in a nanaimo bar (the pub) in Nanaimo (the place)! Bucket list item or what? 

If all else fails I may just have to have a stay-cation here in Vancouver.  It’s surprising how little of this city I have actually seen. I hate that I live in such a pretty place but it’s either too rainy or I’m too busy to enjoy it. I should probably revisit some of the sights here like the Aquarium, Stanley Park and Kitts Beach! 

And finally: the grand adventure of my summer plans, however uncertain they might be at the moment! Right now, the most awesome thing would be for my job in Italy to come through.  I’m supposed to be hearing back from them sometime this week.  That would be so amazing and exactly the adventure I need! As well, if I could swing it as a co-op work term and manage to head home to Toronto for a few weeks before – that would be so perfect! Fingers crossed! 

Or else….I’m jobless and homeless.  As scary as that might be, especially for a girl who likes to write out her fair share of organized itineraries, it might be the biggest adventure of them all! 




Though if Italy calls, I’m on the next flight! 



Thoughts? Let me know!

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