Adventure, on hold

So, I’m feeling a little blah….

I’ve just come off an amazing 6-month adventure of producing and directing a musical within my residence at university.  It all culminated this weekend with our 3-day run of the show and super fun cast party! It was an amazing show; although this week has been extremely tiring.  Now that it’s over, I’ve finally taken a moment to stop looking at cast photos, playing the songs on Youtube and reading my script to discover….

….I have a ton of stuff to do, and none of it is interesting! 

My to-do list has grown monumentally since the last time I checked and apparently, the sheer awesome-ness that was the musical, did not have the ability to pause the list.  So far I’ve got all my dishes stacked high waiting to be washed, a pile of clean (probably dirty now) clothing on my bed to be folded, a hamper of dirty (definitely dirty) clothing to be laundered, a floor covered in dust bunnies, a mound of posters to put up – and that’s just house keeping! I also have a psych paper to write, a 5k run to organize, preparation for global awareness week to do, $120 to raise for my house’s sponsor child, a floor supper to plan, a creative writing portfolio to create and that’s on top of my weekly homework/assignments/quizzes/tests.  Basically, I’m drowning.  It is literally getting to the point where I’m worried I won’t be able to do it all (and that is not an option!).

The worst part is: I don’t want to do most of this stuff! Some of it is pretty cool (Global Awareness Week and my floor dinner) but other things, like the psych statistics assignment that’s due in the morning (and hasn’t been started) is not. Where’s my adventure? 

I’m finding I lack that motivation for school any more. Especially after coming down from such a high with the musical and everything, it really pains me to be spending time figuring out the null hypothesis for the equation of blah, blah, blah.  I know I shouldn’t have left it till last minute, but I honestly can’t even find the will to get started. 

But there is adventure hiding somewhere on my horizon! I’ve recently applied to be an English tutor in Italy this summer at camps that use theatre/song/games to teach English.  It sounds like an amazing experience! But, the pay isn’t too great and it would push back my graduation date.  I’m also going to apply to this online travel writing contest I found.  The winner gets a sweet trip to some of Asia’s hottest spots! And I have an interview next week for a company in Vancouver.  And I really want to plan a short get-a-way once my exams are done.  Maybe a little 3-day trip to the states or the island or the interior? Hopefully one of those things work out! 

Basically, writing this out is cathartic and helps me put my thoughts into perspective. I’m still feeling blah in general and super overwhelmed with what I have coming up, but I’m also excited that school is wrapping up and something new is happening this summer. I have no idea what it will be yet….

…..but I’m sure it will be an adventure! It has to be 🙂 


Thoughts? Let me know!

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