A step in the right direction…

….towards ADVENTURE!

I write this from my hotel room in San Francisco!! (aka “Frannie”…. it’s a thing, I swear)

Now, granted, “Frannie” is not a huge leap from my base in Vancouver or even my hometown of Toronto.  But, it’ll do for my limited budget and 5 free days from work/school.

So, here I am! A different country and by myself (until my mom arrives tomorrow morning that is).  Already, it’s been a bit of an adventure and I’ve only been in SF for 6 hours!

To start things off, my mom was supposed to meet me at the airport (she’d be flying in from Toronto and arriving an hour before me) but she missed her flight.  It wasn’t the most brave thing I’ve done, but I am proud that I managed to only pay $17 to take a shuttle to my hotel. I didn’t get lost. I didn’t get ripped off. And I managed to get them to let me into my room even though everything was booked under my mom’s name.  I didn’t have to deal with a foreign language or anything but I’ve also never navigated a new city entirely alone.

Then, I had a night to myself! It was kind of cool. I explored the area around my hotel: Fisherman’s Wharf. It was really cool and I’m definitely seeing the beauty in Frannie but it’s definitely tourist-central! There’s a wax museum….I felt like I was in Niagara Falls!

But I made the most of it! Well, the most a non-drinking-age, fairly tired, alone person could make of it. I bought really cheap postcards (6 for $1? Hell yes!). And I tried the famous and fresh seafood chowder in a bread bowl. It was delicious, albeit overpriced, and the leftover bread wasn’t really my style, but still enjoyable.  I walked along the pier and checked out a submarine and wicked cool view of Alcatraz (or, at least I think it was Alcatraz…).

Think that's Alcatraz over there?

I visited the famed Boudin Bakery.  They’re famous for being the founders of Sourdough bread. (Note: I didn’t actually try the bread, but it looked cool.)  There’s a conveyor belt-type thing that goes along the ceiling carrying baskets of bread. And, they make bread in all these cool shapes! There were lobsters, turtles, alligators and bears!

From there, I crossed over and visited Walgreens. Lame, I know but pretty cool for a Canadian! I bought toothpaste (I knew I had forgotten something!) and Ghiradelli chocolate.  SO delicious and pretty cheap! I’m going to have to stock up!

And then I went to In N’ Out Burger! I’ve been hearing stories of this place forever.  Reports of celebrities who blow off award show after parties to instead feast on the goodness that is In N Out.  So, I was pretty well ready to bite into the most heavenly version of beef since to filet minon.  Wrong.  Needless to say, I was not impressed.  The only impressive thing was that the cheeseburger only cost me $2.75 (after tax!).  Besides that, nothing special.  (Note: I’ve since been told that the Fisherman’s Wharf In N Out is not the best one…I’m hesitant to believe it.  Also, apparently you have to know what to order, but I only saw 3 things on the menu!)

From there I headed back to my hotel. I chilled out for a bit – ate my burger, watched “Drive” (RyGos = gorgeous, the movie = kind of gruesome/I think I missed some crucial plot points and villain introductions) and polished off most of the chocolates.  Thanks to that, and the Cinnabon I had enjoyed at the airport, I decided to hit the gym!

I love when hotels have gyms.  And I love them even more when they’re empty, and have every machine I love (including free weights!). I took this opportunity to try out the treadmill.  Yes, you read that right, I never use the treadmill.  At my gym in Vancouver the treadmills are intimidating, used by insanely fit marathon-trainers (or so they seem) and the wait for them is a mile long.  But tonight I had 2 treadmills to myself and an empty room free of judgement (save the enormous wall-to-wall mirror). It was a rough start but I found a good rhythm and jogged for a bit.  My feet really hurt, and I was a sweaty mess after, but it was cool to say I did it. I may want to do it again!

So, that pretty much concludes my first day of adventure.  Tomorrow, I’m planning to try out this breakfast joint recommended to me that’s around the corner.  And then I want to head down to Pier 39 and see the sea lions! And I want to try one of those trolley cars where you get to stand on the outer ledge – super badass/quaint as it gets.  Hopefully, my mom will have made it here by then.

Happy Adventuring!


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