Seeing as this is the focus of my blog, I thought I’d clear things up by defining “adventure”.

Wikipedia (yes, I know it’s unreliable but I still take it like the Bible on all topics and don’t lie, so do you) says adventure is defined as an exciting or unusual experience; it may also be a bold, usually risky undertaking, with an uncertain outcome.  I like this definition a lot! It’s broad but it’s the exact thing I am looking for in my life.  Wiki then goes on to talk about how adventure usually has to do with extreme sport or dangerous activities….but I’m going to overlook that 🙂

Adventure, for me, is about doing something outside your comfort zone.  It’s about breaking out of your routine and the monotony of your life and doing something new.  I strongly believe that “adventure” is based on perspective.  My adventures might not be yours, and vice versa.  Adventure is personal.  Adventure is interpretive.

I do agree that most adventure does involve a certain amount of risk.  The unfamiliar is risky, and adventure is usually unfamiliar.  I don’t believe that danger and adventure are synonymous; a least not the kind of adventure I intend to have.  An adventure can be something carefully planned out that you’ve spent time working towards.  It doesn’t need to be a spontaneous, life-threatening activity.   Though a spur of the moment adventure or two never hurt…

For me, I’m going to define my adventure based on a feeling.  Is it something I wouldn’t do everyday? Am I pushing outside of my boundaries? Am I excited (in a giddy way or a pee my pants way)? Is this something brand new? Am I growing or changing in some unique way?

Mainly answered yes? Hello adventure!


Thoughts? Let me know!

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