That perfect weekend

This past weekend was…perfect!


Nothing crazy happened. I didn’t win any contest or go on any big trip. But I did have a really wonderful weekend. I got to do a lot of things I love with a lot of people I love even more. Sometimes I forget how much awesome my life is comprised of (like in last week’s sad rant). But this weekend was a perfect reminder of just that.

Saturday morning started with a wonderful catch-up Skype date with my momma. It had been some time since we had talked and we both had lots of updates for each other. It was nice to have that time with her, even when we live 3 time zones away from one another.

After Skyping, I headed out into the cold, but beautifully sunny, day to meet my good friend Emilie so we could exercise our civic duty together. Even though I’ve been of age to vote for over 4 years, this was my first time voting. And it was so exciting! It took a little while to fill out the paper work, but it was well worth it. And rocking the “I voted” sticker all day was half the fun.

We voted!

We voted!

Next, Emilie and I hit up a toy store/craft studio where we sat down with a group of eight year olds to paint some pottery! We both went for large latte mugs and let out our inner artistes. I’ve done a few pottery paintings in my day and still find the rainy day childhood pastime to be really fun.  Unfortunately, my artistic ability does not reflect the number of hours I’ve spent at different art studios (and my parents have cabinets full of mugs/plates/figurines to prove it!).

Creative craftsmanship at its finest

Creative craftsmanship at its finest

From there we grabbed a quick (and yummy) bite before heading off to work.  Work was surprisingly relaxing. I got to work in the dining room with some lovely people and only had a few tables.  We all got out by 10:30 with relatively few broken glasses/messed up orders.

And to finish off the night: Emilie and I went for late night sushi! I love spontaneous outings like that. We were just sitting waiting for our buses when we decided sushi would be a great idea. And it was! I was grossly full, but it was well worth it.



On Sunday I woke up to another beautifully bright day.  Which was perfect for my friends Andrea and Zoe who were running a 10K and half marathon, respectively. I headed out to UBC and met up with some fellow UBC-ers to cheer them on and congratulate them at the finish line. It was awesome to see so many smiling faces crossing the finish line – almost awesome enough to make me want to run (almost).  To celebrate their athletic achievement, we went out for a post-run brunch of delicious eggs, hashbrowns and complimentary banana bread at Enigma.

Congrats ladies!

Congrats ladies!

From brunch, Andrea and I met up with our friend Malindi at Starbucks and then headed downtown.  Malindi and I had plans to see Urinetown (the musical, not the place, of course) with our other friends Ashleigh and Jenna.  Urinetown was the residence musical I had worked on in my first year advising (back in 2011) with Malindi, Ashleigh and Jenna. We decided catching the Firehall Art Centre’s version would be the perfect mini-musical reunion.  The show was really well done and a ton of fun (buy tickets!).  But even better was seeing old friends and catching up over coffees post-show :)


Such a good show!


And then I got to have a chill Sunday night at home. It was nice to not be working and to have some time to recharge a bit before another crazy week of work, school and whatever else I have going on (grad photos, I think?). So while my weekend wasn’t terribly productive – I have no groceries, a carpet that could use a vacuum and many untouched schoolbooks – it was really nice to be able to spend time with some of my favourite people in Vancouver. These are the people who are going to make living here for the next two years (at least) so wonderful.  I’m looking forward to it!


A little life rant (sorry!)

So since I’ve committed to this weekly blogging business, I try to update my blog every Tuesday.  Today is Thursday…which gives you some indicator about my week.


This week has been a little crazy. I had 3 big things due today: a creative writing assignment, a book response and a term paper for my religious history class.  I knew I had all of these things coming up and had tried for the last week or so to schedule time to work on each one.

And it was successful…sort of! I had the creative writing assignment done last week.  Tuesday was a holiday, so I used the day to finish off the book response.  Unfortunately I left the big term paper (15 pages and worth 50%) for last. I inched through my research and as of last night, all I had was an outline.

But I was able to finish it (13 pages, close enough!) and am currently in the process of editing and citing.  I wouldn’t say I’m proud of the paper, but we do have a week of peer editing before we hand it in for real, so I’m not too worried. Still, there is a certain shitty feeling that comes with handing in something you’re not proud of.

But I am feeling a little disappointed. I can’t pinpoint exactly what it is, but it’s been a bit of a crappy day (I’m sure staying in all day to work on the paper did not help).  Maybe the last few days even. I remember being excited about classes when they first started back in September; now I can barely manage to attend them regularly, let alone be excited for the content.  I find myself dreading work shifts and struggling to get through the hours.  And this super cold weather isn’t helping! My apartment doesn’t have heat so I spend most of my day (and night) freezing. It’s very hard to get warm when you start each day shivering.

And I think a part of this blah feeling is due to some anxiety about what’s to come. I only have a few weeks left of my undergrad and then it’s full force into my new job. I’m stoked as heck to be working at FTC, but I’m also nervous for the changes. And for the inevitable burn-out that will come with working at FTC Monday to Friday and serving on the weekends. I’m also starting to get nervous about the apartment search. And money stuff. And the fact that I’ve been to the gym once in the last month.

So none of these stresses or hassles are necessarily new.  They’re also not especially painful compared to what a lot of other people deal with. A lot of them are just average issues I have no reason to complain about.  But I think I’m the kind of person who doesn’t deal well with dread. If I have something coming up that’s unpleasant, like a late shift at work or big test, I let that negative event colour my days leading up to it.  It’s a quality I really don’t like about myself, especially when I’d like to think I’m pretty optimistic overall.

This means I also build up the good things. I pile way too many expectations into future good events or even events that have the potential to be good.  Sometimes this helps me to cherish the good moments more deeply, but sometimes, it leaves me disappointed. If my expectations aren’t met, I get disappointed.  And I’m self-aware enough to know that the disappointment lies mostly within myself: why did I set expectations higher than could be met? Why am I setting myself up for this giant crash? It annoys me that my own mental blocks get in the way of enjoying things.

A good friend once told me the quality she loves most in people is consistency.  I keep coming back to how true that is.  I so value consistent behaviour from the people in my life; I like to know what to expect.  But when that doesn’t happen, is it their behaviour that’s become inconsistent or is it me who has changed my expectations?


So many unconnected feelings – this is my rant. I said I wanted to use this blog to get out personal feelings, so here they are. I don’t know if this advances me as a writer but I feel like I’m advancing a little bit as an introspective human. I also feel like I’ve procrastinated enough and it’s time to get back to work on my paper!

10 Ways to Make Your Server Not Hate You

So now that I’ve been working as a server for an entire 2 months, I feel qualified to publish a list of ways customers can make sure their servers don’t absolutely hate them.  Read on if you want your food fast, service friendly and coffee caffeinated as per your request (because you better believe we give regular coffee to those who ask for decaf if they’re being rude).


10. Make a reservation: If you know you’re going to be dining with us, please do us a favour and call ahead!  If you have any special requests (like a table by the window) or a large party (5+), a reservation is crucial! And if you fail to call ahead, please don’t act all upset when we can’t find a corner table for you and your family of 12 on a moment’s notice.

9. Be on time! So if you did make a reservation, show up! And show up on time! If you don’t think you can do that, feel free to call us back and give us an update.  No server is going to badger you to come in, so don’t be afraid to call!

8. Appreciate that we have other tables: Yes, I see you waving your empty glass, stacking your plates and leafing through the drink menu for a second time.  And I know you can see me: I’m carrying a tray full of drinks, nodding at my current table who thinks now is an appropriate time to change their order and watching another table in my section get seated.  Patience, my friend :)

7. Simple drink orders please: If I can’t pour it from one bottle/tap/can or the ingredients aren’t in the drink name (e.g. rum & coke), chances are I hate you for ordering it.

6. Look at the menu! Please, look at the menu.  Please, just do it.  And if you refuse to do it, don’t ask me questions that can be answered on the menu. And don’t wave me over to take your order if you aren’t planning to open the menu until I get there.

5. Easy on the substitutes: I get it, tomatoes suck.  And sure, if you’re allergic to shellfish, I have no problem substituting something else for the prawns.  But if your list of substitutions make it so the item you’ve ordered is no longer related to the item on the menu, you’ve gone too far.

4. Pay attention: If I’m over at your table, hovering politely while you finish up your story, please don’t ignore me.  Please accept my attempts to make eye contact.  Please listen attentively when I tell you the specials.  And please, for the love of my aching wrists, move your hands/napkin/phone so I can set your plate down.

3. Kind words really do make a difference: “Thank you” <– my 2 favourite words from any table

2. Get out! If you’re the last table (or second last table playing Chicken with the other table), please leave.  Seriously, get out.  We are waiting for you.  We have been discreetly trying to clean and reset the restaurant but aren’t able to do that until you leave. If you’ve had your dessert, two cups of coffee and have signed the check, your time is up.

1. TIP: And, of course, the #1 way to make sure your server doesn’t hate you: tip ‘em! Even if you commit every sin listed above, those grievances are automatically forgiven with a nice fat tip.  Yes, we can be bought :)

Happy Dining!

The flower diaries

One of my favourite small joys is fresh flowers. I love the idea of a gorgeous bouquet sitting in a vase and brightening my room.  Not that my room needs too much brightening, given my multi-coloured bed sheets and pretty much wall-to-wall photo gallery.


However, I still take pleasure in bringing in a weekly (or bi-weekly) bouquet.  I’d love to be able to buy a huge arrangement from a local florist, but my budget is more $7 at the grocery store.  But that’s the great thing about flowers: even the cheap ones from Safeway have some magic!

Week 1: Krista, the wonderful lady whose room I am subletting, actually started me off with the most gorgeous bouquet back in August. Unfortunately, I took the worst photo.  But believe the flowers were stunning!


Week 2: Daisies, I think? For someone as into flowers as me, you’d think I’d know more about them. Anyway, I went pink!


The next week: Okay, clearly I’m not buying them on a weekly basis. But whenever I purchased my third bouquet, I decided to go with these yellow stunners.


Thanksgiving Weekend: My Thanksgiving flowers were definitely one of my favourites. The local grocery store really stepped up their flower selection game that week!


Current Bloom: Right now, I’m currently hosting these red tulips, which take me back to my Amsterdam days.  Unfortunately, the tulips are pretty wilted at this point (it’s been over a week).  But that just means I get to go out and get some new flowers soon!


We Day!

I spent my day listening to inspiring speeches, fangirl-ing hard over awesome celebrities, rushing the stage for even more awesome celebrities, and dancing and cheering with over 20,000 other people.

Welcome to We Day!


We Day started at the crack of dawn (6:30am) for me as a volunteer Crowd Pumper Champion.  And yes, the role is as snazzy as it sounds.  Essentially, I lead a group of Crowd Pumpers and we helped to keep the energy high at Free The Children’s signature empowerment event and concert for social justice: We Day!

This was actually my fourth We Day.  I attended the first ever We Day event in Toronto (way back in ’07) as a high school student.  I remember being packed into the Ricoh Colleseum (it’s now held at the ACC) and furiously trying to take down notes from the motivational speakers who took to the stage.  In 2013, while working as a co-op student with Free The Children Vancouver, I got to work We Day Seattle – the first We Day in the US! It was crazy to see how much prep went into the event.  But one of the most inspiring moments of my life was watching that arena fill up with students I had worked so hard to get there (dancing along to Macklemore’s performance wasn’t too bad either).  And this spring, I arranged my travel schedule so I would be able to volunteer at We Day UK (the first We Day outside of North America and my third We Day “first”).  The day was insane and I was blown away by Ellie Goulding, Malala Yousafzai and, of course, Prince Harry!

This year as a Champion volunteer, I had a little more responsibility.  I got to be in charge of a group of volunteers, wear the world’s largest headset and rush to the stage for our special guest! It was awesome to be more involved and watch my group of Crowd Pumpers doing just that – getting the youth excited about We Day and excited about making a change.

Training our awesome volunteers!

Training our awesome volunteers!

One of my favourite parts about every We Day is just the infectious energy in the room.  These students come running into the arena in matching shirts, holding handmade signs and screaming their heads off.  When we all do the We Day dance, as cheesy as it seems, I can’t help but grin.  The power of 20,000 people doing the “traffic controller” (as cool as it sounds) is not to be underestimated!

This is what 20,000 inspired youth look like!

This is what 20,000 inspired youth look like!

With each new We Day, I find myself connecting to different stories and speakers.  Today, I was particularly blown away by a young girl named Ashley Murphy, who shared her experience living with HIV.  She was incredibly well spoken and her passion and sense of self was so evident.  I also loved hearing from the girls who attend Kitsaruni School in Kenya and Mama Helen from Me to We artisans.

Of course, the celebrity guests weren’t too bad either :) Macklemore & Ryan Lewis were awesome to see.  Unfortunately, they didn’t perform.  But I was impressed with how often they got on stage and shared with the room.  Orlando Bloom (or his shoes, which were all I could see of him from behind the stage) was also pretty impressive.  Other guests who got some big screams: Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas, Debby Ryan, Kardinal Offishall, Shawn Mendes and Mariana’s Trench.

I spot Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!

I spot Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!

There were a few moments I didn’t love.  I didn’t love how obvious the teleprompters were to read from my section.  It certainly takes away from the sincerity of the event if you can read the speaker’s heartfelt words before they say them. And at times, the Crowd Pumpers seemed really disorganized, weren’t staying in their spots and, worst of all, weren’t pumping anyone up! It was a little discouraging, but, luckily, it wasn’t the norm.  At the end of the day, everyone left the arena having received a huge influx of positive energy.

Speaking of the end of the day: to close the show, Free The Children brought out……JENNIFER LOPEZ! We had heard her rehearsing the night before and I was so giddy.  Luckily, us volunteers on headsets got some advance notice and booked it to the stage in time for her reveal.  I was only a row or two back from JLo! Jenny from the freaking block! And, she was phenomenal.  The dancing, the outfits, the music – blown away! And add to that the fact that she is a 40-something mother of twins! I’m sure some of the Catholic elementary school teachers will disagree with me (given some of the dance moves), but I thought it was SO GOOD!



Yup, I took a selfie with Jenny from the Block

Yup, I took a selfie with Jenny from the Block

JLo & Selena Gomez!

JLo & Selena Gomez!


Well, that’s We Day for you! It was amazing and exhausting.  I got about 2 hours of sleep last night (after a day of school, a midterm and volunteer training) so I am so ready to pass out.  Thanks for a wonderful day FTC & friends!

Where are you headed next?

I used to love that question. For the last 4 years, there has always been an upcoming trip for me.  From interning in the Dominican Republic after graduating from high school, to my most recent summer month working in Tokyo, Japan, I’ve always had some new locale marked in my calendar.


But for the first time in a long while, I’ve had to answer that question with, “nowhere.”  I don’t have any upcoming trips, exchanges, volunteer or work opportunities scheduled anywhere around the globe.  Most people get anxious when they have a big trip coming up; I find myself getting anxious that I don’t have one. 

I’ve settled into a pretty good routine here in Vancouver with work, school and social things.  I go to church. I visit the library.  I have a neighbourhood grocery store, and an infinitely cheaper grocery store a short bus ride away.  It would be more than fair to say I’m comfortable with my Vancouver life as it stands.

And usually when I get comfortable, I get that itch to go somewhere new and try something slightly uncomfortable and unknown.  I usually scour travel deal websites with abandon and don’t stop until I’ve found some obscure contest or job posting.  I’m usually open to that next adventure.

But this time, I’m not feeling the itch to leave.  I’m not on travel websites or scrolling through (too many) destination guides.  I’m not blindly applying to jobs I’m unqualified for, just because they happen to be set in insert cool city name here.  And I think it’s because instead of going somewhere new, I’m trying something new.  I’m committing to live in an awesome city for at least two years.  I’m starting a full time job.  And I’m going to be signing a proper lease on a new place.  A part of me is scared that I’ll get too comfortable and forget to leave again.  But honestly, I don’t see that happening.

So for now, I’ve traded in Lonely Planet guide books for the IKEA catalogue and weekend breaks to the cheapest European cities for new restaurants and gorgeous views around Vancouver.  I’m excited to try this “settled” thing for a while, knowing my version of settled will probably still involve a few globe-crossing trips whenever I have the time (and excuse).


Okay, I lied.  I do have a family trip coming up this Christmas, so I guess that counts as where I’m headed next.  I’ll be back in Toronto mid-December for job training and then take off with my step mom’s side of the family for a week in the Dominican.  We had a few awesome days together at the cottage this summer and I’m excited to do that again but with more sun and more open bars :) 

Big News!

Last Thursday I received some BIG news.


After 3 rounds of interviews, I was informed on Thursday morning that, as of December 1st, I will be Free The Children‘s new Educational Programming Coordinator (EPC) on their Washington State team! YAY!!!!

Securing a full-time job for immediately after graduation with a Bachelor of Arts is reason enough to celebrate these days.  But securing that job at an organization I so deeply admire, with a fantastic workplace culture and exposure to awesome organizational activities makes me ecstatic! #dreamjob

I had the pleasure of doing a co-op term at Free The Children’s Vancouver office last winter.  I got to work with an amazing team to help pull off Free The Children’s signature event, We Day, for the first time in the United States.  We ended up packing the arena in Seattle with thousands of kids and brought a whole new wave of inspiration and change to youth in Washington.  Standing in that full stadium and watching it light up with the enthusiasm of 3000+ youth inspired to make a difference in their world was one of the coolest things I have ever had the privilege of witnessing.  To be able to do that on a more permanent basis as an EPC is going to be awesome!

My new role as EPC for Washington State is going to be based out of the Vancouver office, with lots of cross-border communication with schools in Washington.  However, it does mean that I’ll be living in Vancouver for the foreseeable future (or next 2 years, as per my contract, at least).  Well I have been living in Vancouver off-and-on for the last four years, I’m really looking forward to the adventure of living here permanently.  I’m going to sign a lease that isn’t just for four or eight months.  I’ve already invested in some heavy duty rain boots (a rain jacket still needs to be purchased).  And I might even consider finding a local doctor/dentist to make the transition complete.

So to sum up my big news: I got a job! I got my dream job.  And I get to do my dream job in one of my favourite cities: Vancouver.  


PS: Thursday was also the day that I finally had it with my BlackBerry (which I’ve had since 2010).  When I got the good news from Free The Children, my phone decided to drop the call twice and completely shut down the second time.  So I marched down to the mall after school and got myself all set up with a new phone and plan.  So far, no calls have been dropped and I’m slowly learning to type on a touch screen.  Yay for modern technology!

The little things

One thing I’m trying to do more often is to take note, and be grateful for, the little things.  The last year+ of my life has been about a lot of big things: new school, new jobs, new friends and new countries.  But now that my life is settling a little bit more into a routine, I think it’s important that I still have those things that make me smile when I get up in the morning.  My life has always been filled with a lot of wonderful, and now it’s time to appreciate it all!



Bring on the bloom!

Bring on the bloom!

I love fresh flowers! They instantly brighten a room and brighten my mood.  My friend, whose room I’m subletting, welcomed me back to Vancouver with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers and I’m vowing to keep that vase full until her return.  So every week or two, I treat myself to a small bouquet and watch the petals and pollen fall onto my dresser.


I’ve always loved candles but that love grew to obsession during my months at Bath & Body Works.  While I (somehow) resisted buying the entire candle inventory, I do have a few great smelling ones on hand.  Currently burning: Winter Cranberry (delicious, I highly recommend you sniff it, if given the chance).


So after trying for about a year to get into tea, I finally made the conversion! It took living for 5 months with two tea addicts in Amsterdam to get me into the routine of brewing (almost) nightly.  I stocked up on some delicious flavours from David’s Tea (my favourite: Forever Nuts) and get to feel a touch more sophisticated when I sit down in front of Netflix with my loose leaf cup of heaven.

Snail Mail

Yes, it’s dated and practically useless but I LOVE snail mail! I love sending letters and I love receiving them (hint hint!).  If I ever won the lottery, a good chunk of it would go to stationary and cards so I could send to my heart’s delight.


My Amsterdam wall :)

My Amsterdam wall :)

If you’ve ever seen my room, you know it to be covered in photos.  I still haven’t graduated to a more adult sense of interior design so my walls currently have about 50 photos and postcards lovingly taped and sticky-tacked to them.  I love reliving my best memories and seeing the smiling faces of friends and family who might be quite a few miles away.  Eventually, I’m hoping to refine this habit with some fancy frames and artistic lay-outs, but for now it’s mainly a smorgasbord of smiles and very little bare wall space.

Library Books

I’ve always been a huge reader.  Having so much reading to do for school has put a bit of a damper on my leisure reading these last few years but whenever I travel, I love having a book in my bag.  So I decided to continue that tradition here in Vancouver by getting my own library card and becoming a regular at my local library (just 2 blocks away!).  Currently reading: Three Cups of Tea.


I was first introduced to Coastal Church way back in 2011 by a UBC friend.  I immediately fell in love with the passionate worship, uplifting sermons and beautiful people.  While my attendance has been spotty (at best) over the last few years, I’ve committed to making the Sunday trek to Coastal a part of my life this year.  I enjoy it every time I go and am hoping to get more involved with the church once school lets up.

And…everything else! 

Of course, there are many more awesome things in my life: a line-up of new TV shows, wonderful friends, a new workout, interesting classes and lots to learn at work.  But when I get stressed, for example by a midterm and essay due on Thursday that have gotten very little attention, it’s the little things above that keep me smiling.


Week 3 – I’m not doing too bad so far!

Those first few weeks…

Those first few September weeks in Vancouver are my favourite time of year.


The sun is still shining. The mountains are uncovered from rain or fog.  The sea is sparkling.  And the leaves are just thinking about changing colour.

There’s an excitement in the city.  An influx of new people, new students or just year-long Vancouverites, trying to hold onto the last bits of summer. The energy that comes with a new school year, a homecoming and a fresh start palpitates throughout Vancouver.

The sunset view from my friend's 17th floor apartment

The sunset view from my friend’s 17th floor apartment

And in these blissful few weeks, before midterms and the rain catch up with us, I remember just how gorgeous this city is and how lucky I am to live in it.  Sadly, in my four years of attending UBC, I haven’t done nearly enough Vancouver-exploring.  This year, I’m hoping to change that.

The 2010 Olympic torches. Can you believe I haven't actually seen these before?

The 2010 Olympic torches. Can you believe I haven’t actually seen these before?

The last few weekends here have been gloriously sunny.  And Vancouverites have been soaking up that sun like it won’t last (because it never does).  After church, I’ve taken to walking down to the sea wall and just marvelling at this perfect mix of city, water and nature.  I’ll sit with my book and find myself looking up every few pages just to appreciate the insane view and try to ingrain in into my memory before the weeks months of rain inevitably hit.

City, water, sky and me relaxing with my book = bliss!

City, water, mountains and me relaxing with my book = bliss!

Wait, I have a blog?

Oh, that’s right. I do. Whoops!


So writing on this blog of mine has been intermittent, at best, over the last 3 years. At one point, I was blogging daily during my first solo trip to Europe. And at other points, I’ve gone so long without writing that I’ve forgotten my WordPress password!  But I guess it makes sense that a travel blog (or an amateur version of one) is only updated when I’m travelling.

But I didn’t create a blog purely as a travel diary. In fact, I had no travel plans when I published my first (kind of depressing) post. This blog was a place to escape. It was a place to dream. It was a place to create the fulfilled, exciting and adventure-ish life that I wanted. This blog was for me.

And that’s what I want to get back to. While this blog has worked out great for sharing travel photos and stories with friends and family back home, I don’t want to completely ignore it whenever I’m not travelling.  Because I think there are quite a few teaspoons of adventure to be had on home soil too!


My new vow: Write on this blog. Write regularly. Write once a week.  Write for me. I’ve always loved to write, and this is a wonderful platform to do it on. It might not always be travel related (though, knowing me, it often will be). And I’ll probably experiment with different styles. And I don’t assume or expect a large following of readers because of it. But writing weekly will keep me accountable, give me a chance to flex some writing skills and remind me how grateful I am for the wonderful adventure-almost-full life I am currently leading!

Seen in the basement of UBC's Student Union...and a wonderful statement about my old haphazard blogging commitment

Seen in the basement of UBC’s Student Union…and a wonderful statement about my old haphazard blogging commitment

Week 1 and done! See ya next week :)